Practice Rules


These rules must be followed at all times

  • Practice hours are from 12.00 noon until 6.00pm.
  • You must be a current member of KartSport BOP
  • Any person with 'Special Permission' to practice outside these hours will have written confirmation on BOPKC letterhead signed by a Club Executive and approved by the Committee.
  • The Indemnity Form must be completed by all persons driving a kart. These are on a clipboard on the side of the Scrutineering Shed.
  • There is to be no clockwise practice
  • All drivers must pay the practice fee. This is per person per day. Receipts will be issued to those people who have paid their practice fee.
  • Club Members $20 per person per day

            Key Available Through

  • Alistair Rea       0272850926
  • Grant Newlove  0278893000
  • Peter Benner     0272857312

There is to be no driving through the pits at the track on practice days. There is a STOP sign and it means STOP. There will be consequences if you are caught. Also you must practice only with karts of you class, EG- Cadets can NOT practice with junior restricted. You must also not let juniors under the age of 15 driver any senior Karts. Kartsport Rules apply at all times 

  • Any person or persons caught letting people in that Do not have there practice fee receipt May Be Banned
  • Any person driving on the track without a practice fee receipt, Will be asked to leave.
  • Persons without appropriate Safety Apparel or with a Kart not up to KartSport NZ scrutineering standards will be assisted to comply in the first instance and, if all else fails, will be stopped from practicing.
  • Practicing on your own is not permitted. You must have a responsible person with you.
  • Only practice in your Racing Class. Cadets are not allowed on the track with any KT100 class. Juniors and Junior Restricted drivers are not allowed on the track with any Senior Drivers.
  • If Drivers from other classes are waiting to practice, please limit your time on the track to 10 minutes maximum.
  • ALL Karts must stop at the Scrutineering Shed.
  • All karts must be running the current Kartrsport NZ tender tyre.
  • NO Karts are to be driven in the Pits.
  • No alcohol in the Pits or surrounding areas.
  • A list of Club Committee contacts is attached to the inside of the Scrutineering Shed window for members to phone up if they need assistance when out at the Track.
  • The Club wants to keep the privilege of every day practice which is special to our Club.

If we collectively fail to regain law and order during Practice Days the the Committee will have no choice but to close the Track except for scheduled supervised Practice Days with fees for all Members to cover the supervision costs. 

These are the facts of life at most other major karts tracks. The choice is yours.

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