Date Posted
21st Feb 2018

New Bumper Rule 01/03/2018

New rear bumper rule to be enforced as at 01/03/2018 please read below and either go onto Kartsport NZ website or your local kart shop for further calification

Rule K1.6 REAR BUMPER Replace the current Rule with the following: K1.6

K1.6 REAR BUMPER: The fitting of a CIK homologated rear protection pod is required: as at 01/03/2018

• The rear protection pod and fittings are CIK homologated and are both marked with their respective CIK-FIA homologation number (eg “5/CA/17”).

• Ground clearance: 25mm min and 60mm max. • The rear protection pod does not extend rearwards of the centre line of the axle by more than 5 Rule Changes 2017-5 published 1-9-17 Copyright KartSport New Zealand Inc.

• It is recommended that a secondary restraint, with the primary purpose of securing a loose rear protection pod/fittings, is used.

It is not permitted to modify the chassis to fit the rear protection pod (chassis modification only allowed by the Manufacturer of the chassis, in the respect of the Chassis Homologation Form and of possible Extensions. (See K3.17 for Cadet chassis exception).

In all conditions, the rear protection pod must at no time protrude beyond the external plane of the rear wheels. Rotax DD2 Classes Only: Chassis must be fitted with OEM Rotax Rear Tyre Protection system (either 2 or 3 tube options) complete with all components.

No parts can be added or removed from original (except for adding safety wire to secure parts (2) and (4) together (optional). Rollers must be red type with covered outside, part no.570055 (See picture). Damaged/cracked parts must be replaced with new OEM parts. No plastic welding permitted.

Rotax DD2 karts running in the Open class may use the Rotax Rear Tyre Protection system. Note K1.8 applies. 6 Rule Changes 2017-5 published 1-9-17 Copyright KartSport New Zealand Inc.

Implementation: 1-3-18

Reason: Catch up with most of the rest of the world where rear protection pods have been standard issue on new chassis for up to 11 years. Currently competitors buying new chassis are often paying extra for locally made steel rear bumpers due to perceived/actual performance gain. Introduction of rear protection pods is necessary for the progressive implementation of push back nose cones for Group A-E events.