Date Posted
20th Jan 2017

New Tyre Rule

New Tyre Regulations

Hi Everyone 

It’s a long time since we had a change of control dry tyre (there will be many who do not remember anything other than the MG-AZ!), however please note the email below from the National Steward. 

Notice of this change was first published on  29-2-16.  See:


We all have an obligation to respect the new Dunlop DFH dry tyre contract.


Rule L3.5 below:



Only Tyres approved by KartSport New Zealand and distributed by KartSport New Zealand’s official suppliers are permitted to be used in tyre restricted classes at all times.

KartSport New Zealand Official Tyre Suppliers are:

Dunlop – Lascom Motorsport LP/Goodyear & Dunlop NZ, Vega – Paffoni NZ, Mojo – Right Karts 2016.

Control tyres for tyre restricted classes are:

            (a)         Slick tyre:         Dunlop DFH

                                                Front     10x4.50-5

                                                Rear     11x7.10-5

                                                (This dry tyre will be in use until 31 December 2019)

                        Wet tyre:           Dunlop KT12 SLW2

                                                Front    4.5-5x10.0.

                                                Rear     6.50-5x11.0.

(This wet tyre will be in use until 31 December 2017.)

            (b)         National 250 (5” only), Open, KZ2, KZ2 Masters and KZ2 Restricted

Slick tyre:         Vega XM Prime Z (front 11/P/19, rear 12/P/19)

                                                (This dry tyre will be in use from 1-2-17 until 31 December 2019)

Wet tyre:           Any tyre from the CIK homologated “Wet” classification tyre, 2011-2013 or 2014-2016 or 2017-2019 lists.

            (c)        Rotax DD2 and Rotax DD2 Masters

                        Slick tyre:         MOJO D3

                        Wet tyre:           MOJO W2 and W3

Hi Everyone 

You will all be aware that from the 1st of January a new tyre contract came into force.

l’ve had one or two enquiries from competitors and officials about how this is to transition from the old contract tyres to the new contract tyres, THERE IS NO TRANSITION PERIOD!


All karts must comply with their individual class rules at all times, this includes any practice, fun or competition days. Be guided by the rules only, read the top section of Rule L3.5, 1/1/2017, it clearly states the KSNZ position then go to Section C9.4, item 4 and then C9.4.2.2, there's no wriggle room it's right up there with illegal fuel! To avoid unnecessary embarrassment and difficulty for yourself ask your Club, as I will, to get the word out to their members immediately that their tyres must comply with the rules for their class, no exceptions. If they turn up with last years tyres they cannot go on the track, the vintage karters will be happy to use them though.
It's always awkward when a new contract takes effect but the rules are the rules regardless of our personal opinions.

Have a great year

Cheers Colin Harris

National Steward